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Tips to Make Sure Your Vacation Rental isn’t a Fraud

July20/ 2016

Are you planning on travelling to a foreign continent anytime in this year? Worry no more about authenticity of your vacation rentals, if you are planning to rent a vacation destination. Vacation rental industry is no doubt filled with frauds. Every year, thousands of tourists are tricked into paying rent for a destination that doesn’t really exist in reality. One of the foremost important rule, while opting for vacation rentals is to contact the owner. Calling him/her will help you make sure that your vacation rental is not a fraud or worse than that.

Unfortunately, in this virtual world of ours, misstating on emails and phones is possible. However, speaking to a real human and asking him/her of all possible details gives you certain level of satisfaction. Home rentals are no doubt far more cheaper and spacious than hotel room, but it requires a giant leap of faith to decide in favor of vacation rentals. Reason behind popular insecurity among people is because of lack of standardized amenities and other regulations, like security money, cleaning, etc. Visiting the property to be rented is a safer and most reliable option, but then, traveling across the ocean just to make sure the whole affair is not a fraud doesn’t seem like a cost effective idea.

If you are consulting online websites, start with top rated websites and check out the reviews. And try to understand them by doing contextual analysis. For example, many reviewers do not give up the whole information about the offer being made. On websites like Airbnb, review option is also available for guests which makes many people insecure about giving fully frank opinion about their experience.

Further digging is important to have some comparative analysis. On social media, people brag about quality of their vacation rentals by posting pictures of famous personalities in their vacation resorts. To confirm authenticity of a vacation rental, look for advance bookings. Highly recommended vacation rentals are booked several months before.

Another important aspect that confirms you that your vacation rental is not fraud is your interview with property owner or his/her reservationist. While interviewing, ask about professional management of the house. If you are keen about hygiene, you should stick to properties set by management companies. They are costly, but definitely ensure standard and security. Highly acknowledged rental websites properly manage their rentals as it has a lot to do with company’s reputation.

In case you like a rental offer displayed on a privately owned website, there are high chances of fraud. Make sure you contact the owner and ask for pictures of each and every corner of the place.

With rapid growth in vacation rentals, local governments are defining the whole procedure by putting a rule book to avoid fraud. For instance, it is not allowed to rent a place for less than a month, if it has more than three units. Short term rentals is not supported by most governments, however the practice still prevails illegally.

Your means of payment is very critical. It is always advisable to pay via a listing site with free services rather than sending a personal check. The advantage of paying via listing websites is that your personal information is guarded.

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