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Tips for Vacation Home Rentals in Europe

July20/ 2016

For many tourists, renting a luxury suite for spending vacation in a foreign country is not suitable. Many people are looking for a diverse experience of socialization which they can only get by staying amidst locals. Usually such tourists prefer a small room or flat above London streets or within labyrinths of Rome’s alleys.

How to find a Vacation Home Rental?

Sometimes, you are lucky enough to get in touch with apartment or home owner. On the contrary, you can also get services of an agency that works and deals with vacation rentals. Sometimes these agencies own their own homes and apartments, whereas sometimes they act as an intermediary between two parties.

Rental Websites:

Many online websites provide you with the facility of direct correspondence with property managers or owners. Websites charge an amount from owners to list photos and other related information about the place they want to rent. Many online websites have user-friendly features, that help you make an informed decision.

Renting an apartment via websites is a better option as it saves you from worrying about possibility of a fraud. The authenticity of these listings is done by website for which they charge a small percentage from total amount (usually 10-12 percent). Many websites pay the rent to owners at least one day after you successfully check-in.

Vacation home rental websites no doubt have pros and cons. It is hassle-free if you book a vacation spot by directly consulting property owners. Elimination of a middle agency or a middleman costs you far less because you are directly able to negotiate with the owner.

On a brighter side, these websites save you from a lot of back-and-forth with different owners about policies, amenities and availability. These sites also provide you with more legwork and security.

Vacation Home Rental Agencies

Many conventionalists prefer consulting a rental agency over websites. Going to an agency is far more convenient as they have prescreened rental home listings. You do not have to choose on your own as you do on website. Their staff help you to choose an accommodation that corresponds with your needs. Various rental agencies help you locate upscale home rentals, like farm houses, houses with pools or ocean view, etc. Another advantage of consulting an agency is that they are concentrated in only one city or town. Like ‘prague-stay.com’ only provides apartment listings in Prague.

On the flip side, rental agencies charge a large percentage of commission. That is why their rent cost is more as it also covers agency’s commission.


If your vacation rental home or apartment is situated in a big, populated city like Paris, Rome or London, you kind of get lost in a frenzy of a foreign city filled with streets that all appear like a labyrinth to you. Unlike hotels, that may provide you with taxi drivers, you have to find exact location on your own. Thus it is important to nail down all the directions from airport to your arrival destination.

Another important thing to do as soon as you arrive at your destination is to meet with property owner or manager. You can arrange a time beforehand to pick the keys and discuss other conditions as well.

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